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    KYB2003A03 oil pressure and temperature sensors are widely used in gasoline and diesel engine oil pressure and temperature testing, which have been successful matching for Guangxi Yuchai diesel engines and other OEMs.
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    Air-rail pressure and temperature sensors measured the changes of air-rail pressure (vacuum) based on the load state of the engine, and converted it into a voltage signal, together with the speed signal delivered to the engine electronic control unit...
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    This product is suitable for measuring the engine Coolant temperature, engine intake temperature and transmission oil temperature to realize the function temperature alarm and control.
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    KYN01-B switch indicator is used for monitoring the status of the brake/brake pad:”prepad worn “(Brake pad almost worn) and “pad worn”(Pad replacement required). When the indicator is fitted to the brake a plunger/extender pin (if fitted) extends thr...
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